How do I use dealCancellation?

Freeze Rate is a unique tool SkyLine offers which allows you to freeze the price you see. This gives you a buffer of a few seconds to perform your trade. These few seconds can make a significant difference in a market as volatile as Forex or Cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how you use it


Click on your preferred instrument to the right


Click on your preferred instrument to the right


This gives you a momentary buffer to press “SELL” or “BUY”. A bar will show you the duration of the freeze.

Why Use Freeze Rate?

Freezing the price for three seconds on the financial markets can be worth a lot. The more volatile the market the more those precious seconds are worth.

This can be extremely beneficial before central bank or policymakers announcements or significant market moving events like the Non-farm payrolls.

Of course, each tool has its appropriate use and Freeze Rate can be invaluable to intraday strategies or anyone that performs high-frequency trades within the duration of a day. For other strategies SkyLine  offers dealCancellation*, guaranteed free stop loss and take profit and zero slippage on its web platform.