Copy Trading: The Ultimate Guide

Get up-to-speed with this exciting social phenomenon which is as simple as it sounds.

What is copy trading?

It’s all in the name! Copy trading allows you to directly copy the positions taken by our strategy.
You decide the amount you wish to invest and simply copy everything they do automatically in real-time – when that strategy makes a trade, your account will make that same trade as well. You do not need to have any input on the trades, and you get the identical returns on each trade as your chosen strategy.

Copy trading is one of the easiest ways to use another strategy expert knowledge.
It also means that you don’t lose any control over the outcome. You still have the ability to close trades, and open new ones when you want. But by copying another strategy, you could potentially make money based on their skills. In fact, no advanced knowledge of the financial market is required to take part!

Select a strategy who best matches your goals to follow, by using the tools provided by skyline tfx Invest to filter the available strategy.

The copy trading platform will then automatically replicate all the selected trader’s positions in your trading account.

There are no special fees to use the copy trading function, apart from the ones you pay the Strategy Manager whenever they make a profit. Any brokerage fees that would apply to a normal trade will be applied to copy trades.

How does copy trading work?

Decide your investment amount, and how you will share it among different managers. Be balanced and don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so choose how much to allocate to each chosen strategy if you have selected more than one strategy to copy. For further guidance,

Add more funds if you like how the strategy is performing. Or, reduce your exposure to one trader and keep your portfolio diversified by not investing too much in a single trader. You can replace your existing ones at any time, just keep in mind that you’ll need a separate Invest account for each strategy you decide to follow.

What markets are most suited to copy trading?

You can copy trade across all markets, including: FX, indices, stocks and Commodity markets.

If you want to enter the FX market but are short of time, copy trading allows you to get involved without having to learn advanced technical skills. This can be very time-consuming.

It is very simple to trade in and out of different markets if you want more exposure in one over another. Perhaps you are less familiar with technology stocks but have always wanted to trade Apple or Netflix?

Let’s remind ourselves about the FX market, which is by some distance the biggest traded global market: